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How To Write An Argumentative Research Paper On Abortion: Fresh Ideas

Abortion is one of the most divisive topics known to man. On the one hand you have the pro-life faction that believes that a woman should not be allowed to terminate a pregnancy (under most or all circumstances). On the other side of the debate are the pro-choice faction that believe that a woman has the right to choose whether she will carry a pregnancy to term because it is her body.

When writing an essay on this topic it is important to know how you will deal with it. Any story can be approached from almost infinite angles and your particular beliefs will greatly influence the approach you take with any essay topic. This is especially true for argumentative essays. Here are some topics on abortion that you can consider using:

  1. Is the right to perform an abortion enshrined in any religious tradition?
  2. Should women from countries in which abortion is illegal in all situations be allowed to sue the state if their fetus endangers their life?
  3. Does the extent to which a fetus can feel provide adequate reason to disallow abortion rights?
  4. Should activists who misrepresent the abortion process through propaganda materials be sentenced to jail time?
  5. Should women who use abortion as a regular means of birth control be eligible for criminal charges?
  6. Does the risk of rising abortion rates provide adequate reason for introducing sex education at all levels of school?
  7. Do women who have abortions generally experience regret?
  8. Should men be able to legally prevent women they have impregnated from seeking abortions?
  9. Should rape victims be allowed to access abortions regardless of the stage of pregnancy they have reached?
  10. Should underaged pregnant females be able to access abortions without parental consent?
  11. Should organizations that protest abortion be forced to provide room and board to pregnant women and new mothers who have taken their advice?
  12. Do Malthusian population predictions in any way impact the morality of legalized abortion?
  13. Can the need for abortion be completely eradicated by making access to contraceptives and related education universal?
  14. Historically, has abortion ever been the most moral option available?
  15. Are the rates of dangerous ‘back alley’ abortions related to factors other than the access to legal safe procedures?

As is to be expected, these topics may raise the ire of some audiences. Most of them can be used in different ways while others have a clear bias in one direction or another. Your selection depends on your own views and abilities.


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