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Creating A Research Paper - Basic Writing Rules To Be Observed

Not all essays are the same and a research paper is certainly in its own category. As the name suggests is a piece of writing which is certainly going to rely on your ability to conduct proper research. It's no good trying to cut corners because it will be easy to see from what you've written the exact amount and type of research you’ve carried out.

The basic rules vary from professor to professor but most would agree that the following rules apply.

  • Less is more when it comes to writing a research paper.
  • Logic is a key word in describing your writing.
  • Do you have the right angle on your topic?
  • Is it a well-rounded piece of writing?
  • The polish can make all the difference.

Of course there will be a rough guide as to the number of words you need to complete your research paper but it is always good to have in the back of your mind the adage that less is more. By all means include as much information as you can but do so in as concise a way as possible.

It may seem unnecessary to mention this fact but being logical in the writing of your research paper is sometimes not always seen by every student. Whenever a statement is made it needs to be substantiated. Your thoughts need to flow logically one to the next.

The topic is important and your thesis statement likewise is important but what is your angle? What is the approach you are taking to the subject? Unless you are rock solid on those three things -- the topic, the thesis statement and the angle -- you may walk around in circles. Be precise by knowing the angle you are to take.

Think of your research paper as having a beginning a middle and an end. If you like, think of it as a story. You introduce the characters, they have an experience and then the drama is resolved. Is your research paper a complete piece of work?

And finally the polish is so important. Do not be satisfied that you have completed the task until you have gone through your research paper time and again to make it as good as it possibly can be. Proofreading and editing are vital components of research paper writing. They could even be the #1 rule.


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