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How To Find A Strong Academic Research Paper Online

What is it for?

If you are online trying to locate an academic research paper, what are you going to do with it?


If you are online looking for a paper to site in one you are currently working on, I suggest starting with your school’s online database. Most, if not all, colleges and universities have access to online database that are full of published academic work. These are very good sources to use.

  • Journals peer-review all articles before printing them.
  • This means that two or more experts in the filed or topic covered by the paper have reviewed the paper and attest that it is scholarly work.
  • Your public library may also have access to online database.
  • Ask your librarian, which is also always a good idea.
  • No matter what stage of research you are in, talk to you librarian. They will be able to direct you to online sources that will be legitimate and focused on the things you are looking for.

There are also services online that will allow you to buy a research paper, for the purposes of research only, at a small fee. One site I was looking at charged $7.00 a page, but remember to always look for free resources online or that have been paid for by your school fees.

Write it so I can get an A

If you are looking for a research paper to buy so that you can turn it in as your own be careful. There are plenty of sites out there that will sell you work that has been done by someone else. They are all pretty expensive. The site I was looking at sold work at a range of $240.00 for a 12 page, undergraduate piece with a sixty-day deadline and $744.00 for that same piece with a three-hour deadline. If you can afford it, buying your work is certainly an option.

I feel I must say that I am in no way condoning the purchasing of academic work. EVER! If you are caught you will ruin your college career. Universities do not allow plagiarism to occur without punishment. The people who are selling this work are doing their jobs. They will not get fired if you get expelled. The choice is yours, but please advance cautiously, if you advance at all, down this road.


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