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How To Pick The Correct Research Paper Proposal Format

There are a few things to consider before writing your proposal. The format you use is essential because it’s one of the things required for your proposal and it will be taken into consideration when your proposal is considered. The proper format you should use depends on a couple of factors:

  1. What has your advisor or college stated for the format?
  2. Have you been asked to abide by APA format or a different style guide? If so, this will dictate to you what format you should adopt.
  3. There may be an accepted format for the field you are writing in.

If none of the above apply to you, then you can browse online to find out what format would be the most suitable for your proposal. What’s in a format? Why is it an issue when writing your proposal? Here are some recommendations:

  • The proposal is a detailed and precise summary and description of the project you propose to do.
  • It should show you have done sufficient research and are ready to tackle the issues involved.
  • Show that you have both a broad overview of your subject as well as in-depth knowledge of the details.
  • Length, line spacing, font, page numbers, table of contents all have a crucial role in the format.
  • While there is no fixed formula for proposal writing, there are guidelines to follow

Title page – this should contain personal data such as your name, the position at your school, birth date, contact information and so forth. It should also contain the title of your planned paper and a clear indication of the subject of your investigation.

Abstract – this is limited to one page and provides a succinct summary for the topic, and any interesting and crucial aspects for the reader to know ahead of time. You must show clarity in your writing, and that you have sufficiently narrowed the topic.

Literature review – this should be short yet precise, and reference essential contributions made by other scientists or contributors. It should discuss what you think is the scope of ideas used to lay a foundation for your research project.

Objective of your research project – in this section you will give an outline of the academic objectives you plan to achieve by doing this project. It should show how the intended research will justify your efforts in completing all the work.


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