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How To Select And Narrow Down A Topic For Your Research Paper: A Quick Guide

Are you having trouble with the topic selection of your research paper? Do you have plenty of ideas in mind but do not know which one to use for your research? Do you think a topic for the research paper needs to be fancy? Do you want to choose a topic that will win over the rest of the audience? Do you know what the requirements for an excellent research paper topic are? What will you do if you have more than one favorite and you need to move forward with one of them? How will you evaluate the choice of your topic at the end? How will you know which topic you need to discard and which one you have to keep? How will you find out the right topic for your academic paper? Do you think it is hard to finalize a topic for research paper because they are all equally important? Do you think you need help with the topic of your paper? Have you not created even a single topic option for your research paper? Do you think you are wasting your time on the topic of research?

If all these questions or any of them bothers you then you certainly need to read this article until the end. You will learn how to select a topic for your research paper out of the various choices you have.

  • Break down your subject
  • Start by breaking down your subject into easy divisions and sub divisions. Choose an area that you are most comfortable with and proceed with that. Do not think about the topic before you have a filtered down area for the subject

  • Carry a literature review
  • When you are sure of the area you will work in, start carrying out a literature review for that. This is important for both audience and the writer. You need to find a potential gap in the published material and address it in your paper. You need to know what the other people missed so that you can focus on that for your topic

  • Brainstorm for fresh ideas
  • Use your creative ideas to think of fresh topics under this niche

  • Compose your topics
  • Organize your raw ideas into topics and then you can

  • Choose the one that hooks you the most
  • Edit and proof read


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