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How to Choose Research Paper Topics about Jane Austen

Research papers can be fun to do as long as you have a plan ready before writing. The most important part of the paper prep is to know exactly what you’re writing about. Here are a couple of ways to decide on a research topic about Jane Austen.

Know Her Life Story

The best part about writing papers based on real people is that there is usually plenty of info to be found online. Start by looking up Jane Austen. Learn about how and where she grew up, what she did with her free time and what things she accomplished. This will give a solid base to work off of.

Choose Something That Stands Out

While reading through Jane’s story, write down anything that jumps out at you. This could be where she was raised, her profession or even her philosophy on life. Try and find something that you can relate to. Writing your paper will become much easier if you understand its contents. If nothing stands out as relatable then pick something you find interesting; that way you won’t have to worry about your mind wandering. Once you have a few ideas, it’s time to narrow them down.

Finding the Perfect Topic

Break down each idea you have written down into smaller topics. This way you will have many things to write about no matter which broad idea you have chosen. These smaller subtopics will help to make your paper more diverse.

For example, Jane Austen was a writer known for her novels. If one research idea was her books, you could then break that down into specific genres and from there which particular books she was the most well known for. A biography is another good idea. The subtopics could include early childhood, school life and adult years as well as her career.

Keep Everything Organized

Before deciding on a topic completely, take the time to organize each general idea on its own piece of paper. If you are willing to put in the effort, make a complete outline of every broad idea and its subtopics. From there you can look at each topic individually and decide on which you would like to write about.

Make sure you can find a vast amount of information on the topic you choose. Research papers are all about details; if you pick a topic you like but can’t find facts, you’ll never be able to finish it.


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