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25 Macroeconomics Term Paper Topic Ideas To Look Into

Whilst microeconomics involves looking at industries and businesses on an individual level, macroeconomics involves looking at the entire economy, on a much larger scale. Therefore, when trying to think of topic ideas for a term paper connected to macroeconomics, you need to think of relevant ideas that are connected with economies, governments and other major economic topics.

To get an idea of what ideas you may use to write about your term paper, the following is a range of 25 different term paper topics and ideas based around macroeconomics.

  1. How is unemployment calculated and how accurate are the figures?
  2. Why is it important for countries to maintain a low and consistent rate of inflation?
  3. How can central banks manipulate interest rates in order to boost the output of an economy?
  4. What is quantitative easing and how is it used to stimulate economic growth?
  5. An in-depth study into hyperinflation in pre-war Germany
  6. How do upward and downward spirals occur, and what is the impact on the economy?
  7. What can countries do to maximize external investment into an economy?
  8. What is the balance of payments and why is it so important to a nation’s economy?
  9. Analyze the national debt the United States and what impact it could have on the economy in the future?
  10. How is inflation measured?
  11. Define and explain the term ‘gross domestic product’
  12. Define and explain the term ‘gross national income’
  13. Analyse the physical policy of the United States
  14. Describe how the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model is used in macroeconomics
  15. Describe the fiscal policy of the United States in the early 21st century
  16. Compare and contrast monetary policy and fiscal policy and how they used to balance an economy
  17. An analysis of John Maynard Keynes and his influence on the thinking of modern macroeconomics
  18. An analysis of unemployment in the United States since the end of the Second Word War
  19. How all growth models used to analyze an economy?
  20. How is national output calculated?
  21. How can economic output be increased?
  22. An analysis of technological changes over the past 50 years and how they have impacted upon the economic output of the United States
  23. What is human capital and what influence can human capital have on economic growth?
  24. What causes recessions?
  25. An analysis of the economic conditions that led to the Great Depression


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