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How to Compose a Good Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper

When you have been given the task of writing a research paper, you have to write the entire research paper. Students often neglect to conclude the paper in a properly powerful way. Writing the conclusion to the research paper can be one of the more enjoyable writing tasks. If you forgo the conclusion and just randomly end the paper, it will feel incomplete. Since you are trying to prove a point with your research paper, it is important to leave your reader completely convinced that your point is correct. The research paper conclusion is the last place you can do this.

Commonly Selected Sentence Order

Most conclusions are structured in the same way. They tend to be written in the reverse order of the introduction. So, the first sentence will be a restatement of the thesis. Some writers will also address the main topic and arguments of the research paper in the first sentences of the conclusion. It can also be helpful to restate, in a single sentence, the opposing viewpoints and why they are not the best choices for your readers. Then, at the very end of the paragraph, you leave your reader thinking about what can be done to continue your argument.

End with a Call to Action or the Encouragement to Learn More

Some conclusion will end with a call to action, which encourages the reader to take a stand on the issue and do something about it. Others will encourage the reader to continue reading more about the topic. The entire point of the closing of the conclusion is to keep the reader thinking that your point of view is the best choice.

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Students often make the same mistakes when they write conclusions for research paper, essays, and speeches. One of the most common mistakes is including new information in the conclusion. This is the part of the essay that provides a quick review, so no new material should be included. Conclusions should be simple, reviews of what happened in the paper so the readers get one last chance to be convinced. Students should avoid using cliches in their conclusions, too. The point of the conclusion is not to be cliche, but to be interesting and really drive the paper home. Do not include interjections or other gimmicky ideas. Just be real and honest and the reader will be convinced.


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