Term Paper Ideas For Students

The 10 Best Possible Term Paper Topics On History

If you looking for a term paper topic on history, consider the 10 topics below:

  1. Create a paper focusing on the first Thanksgiving and how the union between one of the Native American tribes and the settlers that limits rock was only solidified after the settlers used their guns to kill a competing drive.
  2. Create a paper focusing on how much of the natural trees in America were cut down to build up the current British naval shipyard.
  3. Discuss the influence of television on presidential debates and elections, specifically focusing on how people who watched the debate between Nixon and JFK thought that JFK was the clear winner and yet people who listened to it on the radio thought that Nixon was the clear winner.
  4. You can craft a paper focusing on the use of daily newspapers in the original colonies and in Boston in particular. Focus on how this was used to transport messages to colonial spies among the British troops, and how the culture of reading greatly influenced the growth of democracy.
  5. Craft a paper that focuses on the initial Violence instigated by a group of British soldiers who attacked unarmed civilians on the street in Boston, the news of which spread throughout the 13 colonies before it had reached Britain, and ignited the American Revolution.
  6. Craft of paper that discusses the treacherous journey over the appellation Mountains to get to the west and what the survival rate was. Focus on how passing one grave marker every mile influenced the strength and fortitude of America's ancestors.
  7. Craft a paper that focuses on the current value of the amount of teeth lost during the Boston tea party and how this led to great financial devastation to the British.
  8. Review the decision to drop the atomic bomb, and why the president at the time thought he would be mocked more if he chose not to use the power he had compared to using it to wipe out more people in a single blow that history had seen to date.
  9. Write a paper about the most influential president, whose policies remain among the most policies a president has enacted that have not been overturned and today remain active including the WIC program and preschool education program.
  10. Write about the building of industrial highway system across America and the benefits of brought to the economy.


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