Term Paper Ideas For Students

A List of Extraordinary College Research Paper Topics to Consider

Over the years, teachers have heard almost every essay topic that there is. If students want to catch the teacher's attention, they need to think of a highly unusual topic. They need to find a topic that stands out from the pile of college essays on the professor's desk. To get started, students can consider some of the following paper ideas.

College Research Paper Ideas

  1. Name one major technological discovery. What led to its discovery? How did it changes the world?
  2. What motivates terrorists and suicide bombers?
  3. Are there psychological and social reasons to support having a co-ed school?
  4. Describe a specific literary character and discuss what makes them so memorable.
  5. What are the physics involved in swimming?
  6. What are some of the best techniques for teaching children who have learning disabilities?
  7. Is the current concept of economics and economic systems outdated?
  8. Were the Crusades a war-like exploitation of the Middle East or were they a source of salvation?
  9. What impact does the media have on society?
  10. Would it be healthier for people to stop using social media sites?
  11. How did a fear of communism lead to the Domino Theory prior to the Vietnam War?
  12. If zombies attacked, should people feel guilty for killing them?
  13. Slavery still exists in some countries. Will it ever be possible to completely eradicate slavery?
  14. What types of stereotypes are presented in the media?
  15. Was it actually necessary to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
  16. As robots perform more and more of an average worker's tasks, will this increase poverty and unemployment?
  17. Should animal testing be banned?
  18. Will the next World War be fought through cyber crime and drones instead of typical warfare?
  19. Why does Greek mythology remain interesting to people today?
  20. What are some of the benefits of genetic engineering food?
  21. What type of information should be placed on food labels? Should more or less information be included?
  22. Do violent video games contribute to aggression and violence in real life?
  23. What are some of the advantages associated with recycling?
  24. How will global warming impact society over the next 100 years?
  25. What has caused the current ecotourism trend? Is ecotourism actually a good thing for the environment?
  26. If good Christians are supposed to follow the Bible exactly, why is slavery outlawed? Why are women allowed in the workplace?
  27. Should the entire world start focusing on phasing out fossil fuels as an energy source?
  28. Should states be allowed to choose their immigration systems and quotas instead of the federal government?
  29. The lecture system for education was developed hundreds of years ago. Is this still an effective way to teach students?

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