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Basic Guidelines On How To Write A 15-Page Research Paper

Writing a research paper requires acute planning. You have to be sentient in crafting each note; each frame of the paper. Different grades demand papers of different lengths. You may, at length be asked to prepare a 15-page paper.

Intelligent scheming

In this, you need to intelligently scheme both sides of the diaphragm. The Introduction and Conclusion lie on both sides of the spectrum. In between, there are other methodical segments as well. It is essential that you remain in good spirits.

Keep the Introduction to 4 pages and the Abstract to 1. The Introduction will obviously have both the Literature Review and the Background. You need to utilize the pages to assert your points. Scope out the pertinent questions and try to give remedial answers.

Seven more pages

The Methodology will take in 4 more pages. Here, you give details of how you amassed respondents and carried different surveys. You should labor your way into this and not leave any stones unturned. Make sure that you conduct methods in diffracting conditions and straits so that there are evident points of difference.

Analysis and conclusion

The analysis will take in 3 pages; here you dissect your findings on different charts and affirm their value to the topical theme. You should be objective in your analyses; not driven by preconceptions.

The conclusion will take in 2 pages. Here, you source out a positive bearing out of the previous segments. You should try to keep positive and find a solution through the challenging modes of the topic. Keep a redoubtable bearing for the benefit of readers, especially if you handle a sensitive topic.

Acknowledging sources

Let the final page be devoted to referencing. You should resort to credible resources and then accredit them with a fair stance. You should adopt a firm format style and then abide by its regulations while making references.

This way, you chart the whole research paper within 15 pages. You should keep an eye on junctures and insert a point of formidable interest at each juncture. Thus, the readers will continuously be kept on the move as they proceed to find more about the topical theme.

Adding poignancy

You should gain pivotal knowledge about the theme before making the move. You cannot rush through the proceedings. Each segment should be carefully crafted and should betray your grounding status. You should endeavor to add merit and poignancy to the topic.


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