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Writing A Research Paper Summary: Basic Directions

Once you have completed your paper you may want to include a summery for people to read. It is of great help if the reader does not have too much time or wants to know about the paper quickly. It also helps to create a good impression about the paper and the reader interested. Sometimes you need to write a summary of a paper for future studies or to include it in your own work. No matter what, writing a summary is not that tough as it seems. By following some basic guidelines you will be able to write it without any problem.

Guidelines to help you write a research paper summary:

  • If you are writing the summery so that you can study it later, you should make it long and as much informative as possible. Include all the major points and keep a short account of the experiments and the results. If you are going to include the summery of someone else’s research paper in your work, you should write how the paper relates to your work. In the summery highlight the points that are significant to your area of research.
  • Identify the main points of the paper. Reading a whole research paper can be a bit time consuming. If you are in a hurry, you can skim the paper and get the main points. You can read the hypothesis, methodology and the results to get a good idea about what the paper is all about.
  • Once you have skimmed through the paper and noted down the main points, you can read them all over again. This will help you understand and comprehend what the writer wants to say.
  • When you are writing a summary, there is always the chance of plagiarizing, even if it is subconsciously. It is always a good idea to write everything in your own words and avoid copying anything from the main work. No matter how short a sentence is, it would be plagiarism to write it exactly the same way it is written in the paper.
  • Make it as concise as possible without compromising the main idea. Do not write more than what is necessary and try to summarize the points in as little words as possible.
  • Whatever you do, do not include any kind of opinion in the summery. You should not also include any remarks or observation that is not part of the paper.


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