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In Search Of A Free Research Paper Template: A Few Simple Methods

When writing research papers, term papers, essays, or any other type of academic papers, it is very helpful to have a template to use. Not only does a template help the general writing process, it also helps a student be sure that they are staying within pre-determined guidelines for a specific project. Many students use the internet to search for good, free templates but there are plenty of frauds and viruses as well legitimate websites. Listed here are a few simple methods for searching for and finding a reliable, free research paper template.

The Search

It all begins with a simple search, “Free research paper template”. There are a few good sources to choose from such as Grammarly, but there are also a great many frauds. It is often difficult to weed out the good from the bad, but there are methods that can be used.

  1. First of all, look for websites with names that you recognize. If the website is a familiar one, one that you have used for other things, or one that you have heard a lot about, there is a bigger chance of it being trustworthy.
  2. Next, avoid generic website names similar to “”, “”, or “”. These websites have a higher risk of being fraudulent.
  3. Look for sources that are from academic facilities such as universities, libraries, and any other academic resources. Most will have “.edu” in the web address.

Word Programs

Many word processors come with preinstalled templates for almost any occasion. In the case of Microsoft Word in Microsoft Office, users have the option of downloading free templates for specific styles i.e. MLA style. This is a safe and reliable way to get the templates that you need. Not all word processors are the same, of course. However, most have at least some templates. One option is to use Google Docs. This is a free resource that has quite a few templates to choose from. Even the ones that require payment are very cheap (between $1 and $10) depending on exactly what you need.

Final Tips

Remember to check out everything you can about a website before downloading anything from it. Look at security certificates, search for news about the company, look at the history of the domain, post questions on public boards to see what other peoples experiences with them are, and most importantly, never give credit card, banking, or personal information. Know your source before you trust it.


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