Term Paper Ideas For Students

A List of the Most Intriguing Topics for a Term Paper

It might be difficult to impress people with your term paper, so you will need to choose a topic that will help your work stand out among the rest. There are plenty of sources you can turn to in order to find some inspiration for this task. The best of them are news, professional publications and people.

News broadcasts inform you of all the issues that are relevant at the moment, and you need your topic to be relevant as it must attract attention. Professional publications are your source of niche-oriented news that can also provide you with a lot of useful research material. You can meet the people who might inspire you at various specialized gatherings, like trainings or seminars. Be sure to attend these events, because you can start building your contact network from there. In the future, this can help you find employment.

If you still struggle with choosing the right kind of topic, look at the following prompts for students of different specialties:


  • Quantum enlargement testing methods.
  • Dark matter observation and theories.
  • Chaotic behavior in nature: examples.
  • Possible methods of creating a holographic movie.


  • The influence of genetic diseases on the development of closed remote communities.
  • Is it possible to revive the extinct species by using cloning technology?
  • Genetic reasons for obesity.
  • Evolution of the Ebola virus and its potential consequences for the world.


  • The most efficient methods of synthesizing bio fuel and the benefits of this technology.
  • Water desalination techniques and potential dangers.
  • Radioactive exposure: dangers and treatment.
  • The most dangerous contaminants in the fresh water sources of India.

Computer Science:

  • Human memory modeling: is it possible to replace human memory with a program?
  • Artificial Intelligence development program: the major difficulties and dangers.
  • Development and personalization of speech recognition devices.
  • Chemistry problem solvers development history.


  • The evolution of skyscrapers through history.
  • Designing an eco-friendly city of the future.
  • How to build a self-sustainable house.
  • Insulation as a way to save energy.


  • The impact of Aristotle’s works on contemporary philosophy.
  • The line between existentialism and cynicism.
  • A critical approach to materialism.
  • Philosophical impact of Quantum Theory.


  • Banking system evolution in the 20th century.
  • Influence of Vikings on the culture of North American native tribes.
  • End of colonization: reasons and consequences.
  • The most prominent generals of the World War II.


  • The impact of child abuse on the victim’s progeny.
  • Analysis of marriage stereotypes.
  • “Mob mentality” analysis and management mechanisms.
  • Emotional issues caused by puberty.


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