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How To Write My Research Paper In A Proper Way

If you are struggling to write a research paper, consider the tips below:

All students have to write a research paper at some point in their academic career. And being unfamiliar with the process can bring with it a great deal of setbacks.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by a research paper. Instead:

  • Pick a topic that you love, or at least something that interests you. If you want a good topic, one that you will appreciate researching and will take pride in writing about, then make it something you care about. You will find that a topic which interests you will be much easier to write, and to write well.
  • Make sure you prepare. Ask yourself what you know about the topic and what you still need to know. Having questions about your topic will better guide your research.
  • When you research, take copious notes, and keep those notes organized from the start. Use different colored pens or different colored cards to separate core ideas from supporting evidence. Having tangible cards will make it exponentially easier for you to arrange and re-arrange the order of your cards so as to find the best presentation for your final paper.
  • Create an outline. The outline is where you can practice with the order of your points, see if any evidence is missing, and verify that you have adequate transitions. With a great outline, your writing will be simpler.
  • Get started on the first draft early. The earlier you start, the more time you have to distance yourself and then edit.
  • Never forget to edit. No one writes a perfect first draft, and neither will you. Make sure that you take at least one full day away from your paper after you have written each draft so that you can return to it with a fresh set of eyes and catch small errors that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. We have a tendency to read what we meant to type, not what was actually typed. And sometimes we type words that are not spelled incorrectly, but are just the wrong word. So a standard spelling and grammar check will not catch the error. When it comes time to edit the research paper, print off a hard copy and read it out loud. Go through line by line and check for errors.


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