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How to Come up With Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

To write a top-quality paper, students must find the best argumentative paper topics possible. Students who are new to this style of writing may need help in finding a topic. From brainstorming techniques to potential ideas, students can use this guide to find a thesis.

  • Read the Prompt
  • Teachers will often list examples ideas on the prompt. Students can use these ideas to start their paper. They should also use the prompt to guide their writing. If the paper is not written according to the requirements, it will not receive a high grade. The student may have to rewrite it entirely or take a poorer score.

  • Brainstorming
  • After reading through the prompt, students should begin brainstorming different topics. In general, the student should go with a topic that they feel passionately about. This will make the essay easier to write and simpler to research. Students can pick on topics ranging from sports to technology to politics. Within each topic area, there are nearly unlimited thesis ideas available.

  1. Should schools pay students for getting good grades?
  2. Is cheating and plagiarism growing worse?
  3. Should companies be able to collect information about their customers?
  4. Should the Environmental Protection Agency be able to dictate how much a company can pollute?
  5. Should the Internet be regulated?
  6. Should the children of illegal immigrants be allowed to attend school for free?
  7. Does technology improve or harm social relationships?
  8. Should minors be allowed to post pictures online (pictures that could remain up indefinitely)?
  9. Should schools be allowed to drug test students?
  10. Should prostitution be legalized and regulated?
  11. Are parent-teacher conferences important for ensuring the quality of a student's education?
  12. Should parents be able to track students through GPS on their phones?
  13. Should the president be paid as much as professional athletes?
  14. Should students be able to take a test whenever they want and be done with school?
  15. Should Photoshop be banned from advertisements?
  16. Should caffeine be banned for being a drug?
  17. Should there be a tax placed on junk food and fast food?
  18. Should iPads and tablets be handed out as educational tools?
  19. Should smokers be required to pay more for their health insurance?
  20. Will robots ultimately take over most of the jobs available?
  21. Should there be harsher punishments for people who illegally download music and movies?
  22. Should people be required to wear seatbelts?
  23. Should employees get fired for what they say on social media sites?
  24. Should graffiti be considered a type of art?


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