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How to Complete a Sociology Research Paper Methods Section

A method section is an essential part of a sociology research paper, for it demonstrates that your study is proficient and its results are trustworthy. The aim of this section is to explain how exactly you have managed to get your paper done, i.e., what steps have been taken to conduct your research. Moreover, its purpose is to prove that you have chosen the appropriate approach to carry out your study. Here is a guide that will help you cope with this important part of your writing.

  1. Specify the resources.
  2. Describe the subject matter of your research and explain the process of data collecting. Show how exactly you have carried out your investigation. Point out the tools and resources you have used to gather the data. Information you give here depends on the method you have applied to bring it together.

    • In case you have analyzed some existing data in order to carry out your research, you should list the primary sources you have used to come up with the results of your work, and explain why you have chosen to select them.
    • If you have carried out some survey, you should indicate its type. Generally, there are two main survey types: questionnaires and interviews. Point out your survey timing and give the precise number of its respondents. You should describe the procedure of data collecting. It is necessary both to explain your motivation for carrying out your survey with this or that particular group of people, and to mention how you managed to come across the aforesaid group.
    • In situations where you have used the method of observation, you should tell how much time you spent to collect the data, and indicate the circle and the number of individuals you have observed. Give your reasons for selecting the particular group of people in your study.
  3. Outline the variables.
  4. Write about your assumptions and expectations as to the outcome of your research. Specify the results of your work and describe the way you have measured, reckoned, and presented them.

  5. Define the method.
  6. You should describe the method of sociological research you have used in your work. Prove that you have applied the appropriate method in which to undertake your study and come up with solid findings.

This section should encompass all the necessary information explaining what approaches you have used to achieve the results of your research. At the same time, you should not overwhelm it with too many details. Stick to the point while writing it.


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