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A List Of Great Topics For Your Research Paper In Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is a broad field, covering topics from prevention to penalisation to rehabilitation. At the cutting edge of research, here is a list of great research papers in the discipline.

Too much privatization?

As capitalist values of outsourcing creep further and further into the provision of state services, it is becoming increasingly common that key elements of the criminal justice system are run for profit by private companies. But are we taking all of this a step too far?

Not to blame

As psychology and neuroscience peer ever deeper into the causes and effects of mental disorders, does our very definition of guilt have to change to keep pace with our new understanding?

Candid camera

Are police, and the public, ultimately both made safer by the introduction of body-worn cameras for law enforcement?

Free pass

Are police officers treated more leniently when they kill? How can they be held to a higher standard given the dangers that their profession brings?

Letting go is the hardest thing

As marijuana increasingly is legalised in the United States, it must follow that a large proportion of the current prison population must be released. Can we expect to see a permanent reduction in the total prison population as a result, or will the system compensate across other crimes?

Role models

Designed as a deterrent, it is often reported that prisons instead become training academies for minor offenders to become hardened felons. Could a more thoughtful approach to choosing which inmates share cells positively lower the rates of recidivism?


Gangs play a major role in encouraging criminal behaviour among disaffected youth. What mechanisms could be employed to encourage individuals to leave gangs before they turn to a life of crime?

New frontiers in cyber-Justice

As more people around move more of their activities online, cyber-crime increasingly demands effective cyber-justice. How can the criminal justice system adapt to the new virtual realities?

Life-long recovery

Traditional approaches have focused on the deterrence of crime, rather than the rehabilitation of criminals. But how effective are policies that continue outside the prison walls? Are they worth the costs?

The Hollywood effect

Popular culture increasingly is romanticising and mis-portraying modern forensic science for dramatic effect. Legal teams are facing more frequent demands to present solid forensics evidence even in cases that traditionally would have been “open and shut”. How should courts adjust to these influences so as to remain both effective and efficient?


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