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How To Come Up With Good Topics For Research Papers: Effective Tips

Choosing a good topic will make writing a research paper an easy and pleasant task. However, it may be difficult to come up with an original idea. If you struggle with this, use the following tips:

  • Always choose the topics based on the material you’ve already covered in class.
  • This will reduce the range number of your options making it easier to pick one. It may seem that writing about something completely new will draw more interest from the readers, but you need to consider how much time you actually have to complete this assignment. Researching a topic from a scratch will take a great deal of effort. This will also increase the chance of you making a mistake due to not understanding the issue completely.

  • Pick the topics that are of personal interest to you.
  • This will help you stay motivated while writing. It is also easier to choose a topic when you focus on thinking about the things you genuinely enjoy and how they can be related to the subject at hand.

    Make sure that the topic you choose is broad enough to fill the paper of the assigned size, and narrow enough for you to cover it thoroughly.

  • Brainstorm the ideas with your friends.
  • A study session with your classmates where you exchange ideas is one of the most efficient ways to come up with an interesting topic. This type of activity will allow you to see the issues you discuss from different angles, which can inspire you.

  • Study various professional publications or popular periodicals.
  • You need to stay informed about the latest changes and developments in your field of study, as it is always best to write about the topics that are relevant at the moment. This will make the readers take your paper more seriously, especially if you present the issue from a unique point of view and offer some solid evidence.

Research Paper Topic Examples

In case nothing seems to help, look at the following list of prompts. Perhaps one of them will inspire you:

  1. When does art stop being art?
  2. The role of bridges in American infrastructure.
  3. Should the companies that open production facilities in some underdeveloped countries pay their employees more?
  4. How are child soldiers born?
  5. Should the Internet be censored?
  6. Are civil unions more stable than marriages?
  7. Methods of improving mine safety in the U.S.
  8. Efficient strategies to combat the recent climate changes.
  9. Are feminists still needed in the U.S.?
  10. Benefits of using fitness as a form of team-building activity.


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