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Crafting A Solid Term Paper Introduction: Where To Get Examples

An introduction to a term paper is an important consideration to make, because if you get it wrong you might struggle to make up for it down the line. When writing anything making a good first impression on your reader is vital for the overall success of a piece.

One of the best ways in which to come up with a great introduction for your term paper is to look at examples of how others did it. By checking out enough examples you’ll begin to get an idea of what elements an introduction should contain.

Ask Other Students

Are there students in your class who you get on well with and have already written their introduction? Then perhaps you could ask them to show you how they did it. The advantage of doing this as opposed to looking for online examples is that you can ask questions in person. A clever fellow student will be able to show you exactly how they arrived that their polished introduction.

Term Paper Databases

There is no shortage of term paper databases online where you can look at many different examples of how a term paper introduction should be written. It’s advantageous to select a paper from your particular topic. It might be the case that papers on your topic need to start off in a certain way for maximum effect.

Feedback From Your Teachers

Once you have created a draft introduction don’t hesitate to go to your teacher after hours for some feedback. Most teachers might not tell you exactly what you need to do, but will indicate which points are poor, and likewise strong ones. If you know how to read behind the lines then getting teacher feedback might allow you to come up with the perfect introduction.

Educational Websites

One of the best places to get examples of introductions is at education resource type websites. These have the added advantage of actually explaining how to construct a term paper introduction for a top grade to be achieved. This is the type of advice you might be given:

  • Include a reason why the term paper is a valid topic
  • What the reader can expect throughout the term paper
  • Intrigue the reader so that there is an interest to continue reading

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