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Creating An Effective 6th Grade Research Paper Outline

Writing a research paper isn’t very easy. You should make some preparations before you move on to the actual writing. Outlining a paper is one of the most important steps of this assignment. It helps you organize your information properly and give your text a solid structure. If you’re going to write your first research paper, here are the basic rules that you should know about outlining:

  1. Select a topic.
  2. You cannot outline a paper without having a topic of your work. If your instructor didn’t give you a topic, you should come up with something interesting and researchable by yourself.

  3. Do your research.
  4. Your outline will be based on your investigation. There are different ways to do your research depending on the type your paper. For example, literature research papers require analyzing or comparing pieces of literature while biology papers demand to conduct your own tests and experiments.

  5. Outline the introduction.
  6. The opening section of your paper should introduce your topic to the reader. Give a brief description of the subject and indicate why you decided to investigate it. Then, you should move on to the main goal of your research and tell in short about the contents of the body paragraphs.

  7. Outline the body.
  8. This is the largest section of your paper. It should be divided into subsections. Bodies of research papers on scientific topics should start with the description of the methodology and experiments. In literature papers, you should present your arguments and support them by evidence from books. Last body paragraphs should be focused on the results of your investigation.

  9. Outline the conclusion.
  10. In the last section of your paper, you should remind your readers about your main points. You may do this by rewriting your topic sentences and summarizing them in one paragraph. Then, you should indicate the significance of your research in relation to the research field. If there were questions that you couldn’t answer within your paper, propose your readers to continue your investigation in those directions.

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