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5 Tips To Help You Write A Strong Psychology Research Paper

When you are writing a paper, there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. Start early. Yes, start early.
  2. This is important. Many students feel like they have a few months or weeks, so there is no need to start until absolutely necessary. But the sooner you start, the better. You might think that you already have a plan in your head, or you work better under pressure, but do not settle for this. Students who say things like this end up with C grade papers, not A grade papers.

  3. Create an outline and a preliminary draft.
  4. You do not have to create a standard outline complete with Roman numerals, but you should get into the habit of writing out draft formats and outlines in some fashion or another so that you have notes you can use when writing your paper. Make sure the preliminary draft you write is done long before it is due, so that you have plenty of time to go back, review, and make any necessary changes. You want to do this without a deadline pressuring you to get things done in one or two hours.

  5. Get a thesis. This is important.
  6. It is where you introduce the complexities of your argument and what you are going to present. Your goal is to create something truly impressive for your reader. The higher your education level, the more complex your thesis is bound to be. No longer is it merely a sentence. Now, it might be an entire paragraph, and that is perfectly acceptable. You should start forming the thesis by asking yourself what the main question is or what the topic assignment is. Try rewording it into a single sentence. That should be the topic sentence or thesis that you have for your essay, one that gives you perfect direction.

  7. Write all of the pieces.
  8. Many students make the mistake of aiming only for the minimum word count and then stopping. Done. But the word count is often misunderstood by students. The reason it is there in the first place is because professors can no longer say “write until you have sufficiently answered the question” because students will write a single paragraph out of obnoxiousness or conceit and turn that in. So instead, teachers have to put a word limit to ensure students reach it.

  9. Proofread your word.
  10. There are many students at local writing centers who would love to help you out by proofreading your work. Take advantage of this.


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