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How To Write History Research Papers: A Useful Guide

Writing a history research paper is a little trickier than your common research paper. Both require you to do a quite a bit of research but the history one requires even more depending on the topic. With most research for a history research paper, you have to start at the beginning and research everything from there to the present. Other research paper focus on one part of the topic, you can do that on the research paper but it might feel like the history research paper is jumping around and you don’t want to confuse the reader.

How To Write A History Research Paper

  • The first thing you need to do in any research paper is to pick your topic. When you are picking your topic you want it to be a specific topic. For examples, if you want to do a research paper on the Civil War, that’s fine but you should narrow that down to Abraham Lincoln’s part in the war or maybe focus it on the fight for slavery.
  • Next you have to find information on the topic. You can search online, go to the library and check out books or you could even use university online databases, so school allow you to use them even though your aren’t a student there.
  • Once you have all of your information, you have to write your thesis. This is what you want to answer in your research paper by the end.
  • Now you need to outline all of the information that you gathered and create a detailed outline of the introduction, body, and conclusion of your paper.
  • Use your outline to organize all of the notes you took during your research and set them up in the order according to your outline. This way you can read them and write your research paper draft easier.
  • Start writing your rough draft of the research paper. Don’t worry about mistakes with this draft; just keep writing until it is complete.
  • After you are done with your rough draft, walk away from it for a little bit and come back to it with fresh eyes. You will be able to revise and edit your history research paper better if you come back to it with a clear head.
  • Now you have to start the process of rewriting and revise your history research paper until it is completely done and polished.


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