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Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper: Tips And Examples

In most cases, a research paper is worth a large portion of your semester grade. You want to do well. The two most vital sections of the composition are the introduction and the conclusion. You must always start strong and you must always finish strong. There are several things you must have in the introduction of your piece:

  • Have a thesis statement-the thesis statement is the map or the direction of the entire paper. In the thesis statement you will voice you main theme and the points that support it. You can have as many main points as you wish, but be realistic. An example thesis statement is: In Old Man and the Sea Hemingway shows the loneliness of man by using sharks, the ocean, and his friend Manolin.
  • Have a hook or an attention getter-you will want to get the attention of your audience. There are different types of attention getters. You can tell a story, include a quote by a famous person, cite an alarming statistic, tell a poignant story, or even ask an intriguing question. The hook needs to be relative to the subject and it needs to make sense.
  • Have background material-in order to introduce and explain you topic you will need background material. Do not get carried away and include too much. Five or six facts will probably be enough facts. So if your paper was about a writer, you could include where they were born, when they began the career, what some of the famous works are, how they were inspired to write the novel, and what the main points of the story are.

Use appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure.

  • Do not make any mistakes in the introduction. It is distracting to begin a strong paper and then to find out it is riddled with careless errors.
  • As you mature as a writer, your thesis statement may be longer than one sentence and your introduction may be longer than one paragraph. In fact, you may have several paragraphs if you have to summarize a work or a theory. You teacher will tell you how long they expect it to be.

When you start the paper, you want to really grab your audience. In your introduction you will have a thesis statement, a hook or an attention getter, and include background material.


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