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Biology Research Paper Topics: How To Find A Good One

To comprehend and connect with biology is to initiate our understanding with life on earth. And to do that we have to appreciate life per se, be it of a human or a tree or a worm wriggling under the earth's surface. Writing a paper on biology could be a tough job as choosing the topic would be akin to finding one four-leaf clover amongst ten thousand of them. Taking this wonderful analogy as the cue, you should really get on with the searching. But where would you find it, here have a look:

  • Read papers by world's greatest biologists- a tedious process but an efficacious one. If your interest area is general in sense then you could liberally and randomly select biologists and read their works. I am sure, as you read them through you are to get enriched for life. For example, "Experiments on Plant Hybridization" by Gregor Mendel, Louise Pasteur's process of pasteurization, Edward Jenner's work as he is considered the father of immunology etc.
  • Doctor's journals, an effective source- have you ever considered reading doctor's columns in newspapers or maybe in magazines or health books? If you haven't, then rush to the store buy some and start reading. Doctors often discuss regarding various diseases, vaccines, new cure methods etc do not overlook them as they are the thriving grounds for research topics.
  • Can you beat the internet?- yes, nothing can outdo internet when it comes to seeking information, tabooed or not. Customize your search and select essay topics of your choice. You may also explore personal blogs of amateur biologists or enthusiasts.
  • As loyal as the books- before the advent of anything we relied on books. So go ahead and do the same. Read your favourite chapters from your biology book and look for project questions or experiments.
  • Informative television channels- discovery channel, national geographic or animal planet, just keep your eye on your favourite program to find out the interesting and unique themes.
  • Workshops and seminars- numerous seminars are conducted round the year, all you have to do is gather information, register and attend whichever seminar suits you the best.
  • Unfinished work of your professor- if you have an outstanding rapport with your professors, you could always ask for research topics which they always desired to finish but never did.

Let me tell you something though, do not get your hopes high on finding the best topics, the first time you try the above mentioned tips. Be patient and persevere in your efforts.


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