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Writing A Top-Quality Chicago Style Research Paper

This short article explains how you should apply your mind to preparing a research paper of a high, academic standard. It also emphasizes the referencing and paraphrasing methodologies used when writing in the Chicago style.

The Chicago Style

While you are still learning about your topic for your essay, set aside time for effectively learning what is meant by the Chicago style of writing and how to apply it to your work.

  • Library – Check the catalog shelves on Referencing. The appropriate manuals and style guides will be found here.
  • Internet – Refine your search engine search carefully so that you are directed to the most relevant and credible web pages.
  • Manuals and templates – Set aside appropriate photocopies to use as referencing guides when you begin writing.

What to include in a research paper

Take note that you are expected to show your readers how you have arrived at your findings. This needs to be demonstrated coherently throughout the writing of your essay.

    Facts – Chicago style referencing emphasizes the correct alignment of facts and the correct manner in which to substantiate these in your essay. References – Take note of the way in which this is done. Consistency without any deviation from the style methods is required. Demonstrations – The purpose of a well-researched academic paper means that you need to demonstrate to your readers how you arrived at your findings and/or arguments.

Writing practice

Academic writing of a high standard goes hand in hand with the Chicago methodologies. When preparing your rough notes and first drafts, you can align these with the appropriate manual.

  • Reading and research – Your writing will be indicative of high academic standards once you have completed close readings and detailed research.
  • Style – Maintain a persuasive but academic voice throughout your writing, even during drafting preparations.
  • Language and voice – While writing will be of an above-average standard, it must never be composed incoherently and should be designed in a way that it will be understood by most readers.

Editorial principles

The academic paper needs to reflect standards high enough to qualify as publishable material. A close editing process will ensure that these standards are met.

  • Spelling and grammar – Take note that you comply with correct spelling and grammar conventions of American English use.
  • Jargon and vocabulary – Do not over-write the essay with technical, theoretical and/or scientific terms and advanced vocabulary.
  • Paragraphs – Make sure that paragraphs are correctly linked and following paragraphs succeed leading paragraphs logically. Also remember to begin the paper with a clear introduction and end with a shorter conclusion which summarizes your findings and leads off well to the referencing/citations page which is neatly prepared in accordance with the correct Chicago style referencing method.

The above explanations really should help you prepare a top-quality research paper in the Chicago style. Follow these guidelines, and your paper will practically write itself!


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