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5 Basic Points To Know About The Research Paper Citation Format

What is a research paper?

A research paper is an academic writing where one describes or conveys his or her own understanding of a particular subject matter. The writer evaluates his own knowledge on a particular argument backed up by the knowledge or expertise of another researcher. The academician consults a lot of external sources of information like the articles, journals, academic Papers, databases and develops his own perspective and area of argument. The writer analyses a lot of information and then comes down to his or her own argument. A research paper is different from that of an essay.

What do you mean by citation?

Citation basically helps the readers to know from where the information has been extracted. If the readers want to know more about the author they can take the help of the citation source. Proper citation helps against plagiarism. This helps the work material to be reliable and accountable

Why is it important to properly cite sources?

It is very important to cite sources due to the following reasons:

  • To acknowledge the author’s whose information you have used in your research paper by giving them credit
  • To give a concrete proof of the accountability of your work
  • So that people who want to directly search the information that you have used can be easily located
  • By citing proper sources plagiarism can be avoided.
  • Factually support your work
  • The work becomes more reliable and authentic

How to cite sources in a proper way?

First you must properly cite the sources in the body of your work

Then you must maintain a list of sources sequentially called the bibliography or reference page which is at the end of the research paper for the reference of the readers

5 basic points about the research paper citation format

  1. Leave one inch margin at the top, bottom, left and right.
  2. Give double spaces between the texts or quotations used
  3. Give quotation marks to name the title of the source
  4. Listing of authors should be done alphabetically
  5. The authors name should be entered first by the last name and then the first name

While there are plenty of other nuances that come into play as you carry on the job, these five points shall effectively have you started with the citation.


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