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20 Great Ideas for Your Research Paper on Gun Control

Gun control has been in the news a lot lately because our President is calling for reform, so innocent people don’t get killed but there are so many ways you can approach the subject of gun control. This list of ideas should give you a general idea of what topic you can pick for your research paper.

20 Great Ideas

  • Pros and cons of it, looking at the good and the bad can help you determine the topic you want to do with this subject.
  • Look at the effects of gun control in other countries and determine if that would be a good idea in the United States.
  • If there is more gun control, will that lower crime?
  • Is gun control the solution to end the violence?
  • What is the difference between gun control and gun rights?
  • The second amendment and gun control.
  • Has higher gun control worked in other countries? Why or why not?
  • Gun laws by state, who is the most lenient and who is the strictest?
  • Will gun control keep guns out of wrong hands? Why or why not?
  • Will better background checks keep guns out of the hands of violent people?
  • How has the current gun control failed at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals?
  • How has the NRA keep new gun control laws from being passed and has that hurt to helped their cause?
  • How does the media represent gun control? Look at how they report violent gun related crimes.
  • How does gun control affect kids?
  • Are gun advocates helping or hurting the United States by keeping the government from better controlling guns?
  • Would a gun ban work to keep Americans safer? Explain how the would or wouldn’t work.
  • Are gun rights a freedom that we all have no matter how unsafe they can be?
  • Gun control reform and crime rates. Go back to when the first gun control law came into effect and saw how the crimes rates have been since then.
  • Are background checks good enough to prevent guns from getting into the hands of dangerous people?
  • How well has the gun buyback program worked since it was first introduced to lower the number of weapons on the streets in the United States?

These ideas will help you get started on your research paper on gun control. Look for articles on both sides of the issue so you write a balanced and fair paper.


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