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The Most Interesting Term Paper Topics on Philosophy for Beginners

To write a term paper on philosophy, you may choose from two formats. The first format is when you take the work of a philosopher and analyze it. The second one is when you take an issue that needs to be philosophically discussed and do your own research on the matter. It’s always very important to select an appropriate format for the topic of your paper.

If your topic is given to you by your teacher or instructor, you should do thorough research to discover as much as possible about this topic. If you may select a topic for your term paper by yourself, you should pick something that is interesting or familiar to you.

If your topic is interesting to you, you’ll write your paper with enthusiasm. When writing with enthusiasm, you’ll be able to compose a paper of high quality and will probably get a high grade for your work. Selecting a proper topic for a term paper is a key element to achieve success and to create something new and interesting.

If you don’t know what topic to choose, you may look at the list of examples given below.

  1. Is it good or bad to believe in God?
  2. Faith destroys a person’s ability to think clearly.
  3. If God really existed, this world wouldn’t be so cruel.
  4. Behavior of humans is a reflection of their genetic structure.
  5. Rules of ethics change depending on the goals of humans.
  6. Humans would become wild animals without ethics.
  7. A person may be truly happy only when helping other people.
  8. A person becomes selfish from the day of his or her birth and doesn’t lose this feature.
  9. Feminist ethics is unique in its nature.
  10. Human nature might be changed only by gaining more knowledge.
  11. Such notions like good and evil exist only in human minds and are always subjective.
  12. To understand human nature it’s necessary to understand sexual desire first.
  13. Can we become truly free or do we need to create limitations to stay sane?
  14. Moral issues related to homosexuality.
  15. How to determine what can be considered as art and what can’t?

Keep in mind that while selecting a good topic is the key element of creating a decent term paper, you shouldn’t forget to research, write and edit your work thoroughly. Philosophy is a rather abstract subject, but it needs more than just your personal opinion.


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