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15 New Chemistry Research Paper Topics To Consider

Chemistry may not be your favorite subject but sometimes you do not have a choice but to attempt your paper. Even if you tend to avoid writing your paper and hire someone else to do it, you will have to face the consequences later. A research paper is an important academic paper because it contributes in developing your understanding and knowledge of the subject. Later you can apply this knowledge and experience in composing your doctorate or final degree. It is best suggested that you attempt each assignment in each semester with extreme dedication and interest. If you are not able to complete one paper due to a genuine reason, try coping up for it later for your own benefit and learning.

The topic of your paper is something that can make or break your impression. It is the first thing the reader will see about your paper and judge whether he should continue reading the rest of the assignment or not. You can simply choose a unique, informative, and interesting topic so that your paper stands out from the rest of the class

Topics to consider for a research paper in chemistry

The best advice I can give you for choosing a good topic in chemistry is to pick an area that you are passionate about because it will show in your paper

  1. The causes and effects of acid rain
  2. What does the pH level of a drink show about it
  3. The cancer spread and molecular understanding of it
  4. Application of chemical laws and formulae in your kitchen
  5. What do you know about green chemistry and how does it work
  6. What is the significant achievement in organic chemistry
  7. What makes inorganic chemistry inevitable
  8. The role of medicine chemistry in the modern world
  9. Environmental chemistry, an insight and how to apply it
  10. The reason why some houses tend to be cooler in summers and hotter in winters
  11. How can you explain the chemistry behind the architecture
  12. Is it true that carbonated drinks can affect your bones specially for newborns and infants
  13. How can sugar be a component of the batteries in certain household applications, what is the logic behind it
  14. Discuss the chemical composition of diamond and coal. How does coal convert to the most expensive element in the world
  15. Shipment of dairy products


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