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3 original ways to write a research paper

The best way to write your research paper is a way that ensures you will meet academic expectations set by your school or educational institution. An original way to write a research paper includes creating a plan that will help you create high quality content. This means you will need to review guidelines given carefully and plan accordingly. There are multiple options to consider that are similar in nature, but the following three provide a basic idea of what kind of plan you can create on your own:

  1. Define topic, make list of sources, take notes with index cards, create outline, write rough draft, rewrite and revise and edit.
  2. Choose topic, narrow down your idea, create an outline, gather supporting evidence (research), read over notes taken, write rough draft, make your draft final, and proofread.
  3. Plan your actions based on guidelines given, make list of topic ideas and decide final idea, begin research and take notes, write rough draft and final content while editing.

Each way mentioned seems pretty straight forward, but you can make changes if you decide to adopt one. Based on your topic selection you will need to have an idea of types of sources best for your content and get clarity on how to cite sources based on the formatting style you will follow. Writing a research paper can be done using different steps. This will depend on your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. If you like to read then research may be a strong suit for you.

Choosing the Best Way of Writing

Review guidelines for your paper and start taking notes on how you want to get the assignment done. Use your time effectively to get the most out of your assignment. Think about your weaknesses and how they could affect your efforts. If you are not good managing your time, you may want to consider creating a plan that breaks up the assignment.

You can spend less time on it each day, but spread out the work at the same time. You can write actions you need to do on paper or in a planner. Next to each task you can write down how long you think it may take you to get it done. From here you can make a plan that will help you get it done by the deadline.

Tasks that take longer to do may become a priority on your list. You should also get familiar with things to avoid during research and writing. They could lead to poor content or loss of time. Coming up with an original way to write a research paper may encourage students to complete the assignment from start to finish.

Additional Points to Mention

There are different ways to write a research paper, but you need to find the most appropriate option based on your instructor’s guidelines. Your paper may vary in length and other requirements, so how you conduct the research and writing process may vary. There are things most students should do no matter how they decide on writing their papers:

  • Follow guidelines as stated for the project.
  • Use an outline for structure and organization purposes.
  • Proofread and edit to improve content quality.
  • Use note cards to organize data found during research and to take note of sources used.
  • Double check sources mentioned in bibliography or reference page.
  • Brainstorm to come up with an original topic.
  • Consider asking someone 'write my homework for me' if necessary
  • Come up with a schedule to encourage better usage of time.

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